The Intern Footballer?

Eventually, all prospects reach a threshold; a point at which potential no longer matters.  The real world. The adults’ game.

It’s time for the Student Footballer to grow up.

There are rumours, whispers.

The name ‘The Intern Footballer’ has been bandied around.

This is no identity crisis.

Baby steps, please. It’s been a long summer after all. And it’s not even over yet, not really, not for us.

We’ve gone full Sterling. Contracts have been signed. Money has changed hands. The kid has become a man (well, kind of).

Ok, so Raheem hasn’t been on travel and expenses for a while, but the simile is just. We’ve proven our potential and now we’re stepping up.

There was always going to be a post-University void, with the once yawning gap of footballing bliss that dominated Wednesday afternoons replaced by meetings, spread sheets and the research that no one else fancied.

“If thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.”

There’s a way to move above it. You know you can win, don’t give up the chase. You’re not alone, student footballers.

Because now we play for our offices, with our colleagues, alongside work. And we’re being paid.

We’re professionals. But truthfully, we’ll be students forever.

Always learning. Always improving. Never content.

Students of football.


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