Two Legs – In Conversation


Two Legs is a production savant known for his instrumental fluency. Like any true modern day Renaissance Man, his passions are not limited to music.

A die hard City fan with Mancunian blue blood, football weaves its way in and out of his aesthetic. Even his moniker, Two Legs, has its own football terrace chant.

We caught up with the man to talk EP’s and the Etihad; Toure and techno; Guardiola and garage.

Two Legs recommends listening to this track, ‘Something’, while you read through. So put it on and settle in.


TSF – How big an influence does football have on your music?    

2L – If I’m being honest, the two are quite separate. If City have just lost, and I go write a song then it’s going to be a dark one.  Football affects my mood, which it shouldn’t do, and I guess that can unintentionally influence my music! But I would hope they are separate – I’m trying to stop making life decisions based on City!

Do you think there can be interplay between the two?

There’s a crossover with chants. They’re like musical memes for football.

Football has its own sounds: it’s quite tribal. In matches they have designated musicians, like in Madrid they have a guy in the stands who just bangs a drum to intimidate the opposition.

There a lot of music in football, but not much football in music. Unless its skills videos with EDM tracks.

Some music sounds like it takes stuff from that culture. My music doesn’t: it’s not very laddie.  But Oasis, Kasabian, they have taken that sound.

Football has its own sounds: it’s quite tribal.

Cross-overs do seem to only really be occasion based – like for the Euros, or the World Cup…do you remember the mess that was ‘Shout for England’ by Dizzee Rascal?

The idea of a World Cup song, it’s actually a terrible idea. Those lyrics as well – “Bobby Moore and that” – that’s an actual lyric. What is that. The lyrics are shit. Not to be a music snob but…


It does work sometimes though – I have discovered a lot of music through FIFA!

You get to know the songs while you play and they get stuck in your head. I spend a gratuitous amount of time on team management and so I end up listening to the songs over and over. The playlists reflect the zeitgeist. EDM is the biggest thing right now and that’s reflected.

I’ve taken inspiration from FIFA as well. In my notes, when I get a music idea, I’ll think of sounds or lyrics to go with them. I’ll take notes of what to sample. One thing I want to try is the sound of passing on FIFA as a percussion beat.

I love that idea of sampling FIFA. I think you’re right as well about football having a sound. It’s so atmospheric, often ceremonial. There’s something about groups of people getting together to sing, like Church. You hear a lot on the football terrace.

I would love to write a song that gets used on the terrace. Imagine having written ‘Blue Moon’? That’s the dream…

So we’ve got to talk about the other passion – City.  It’s the day after the defeat to Chelsea – how is Pep doing for you?

In Pep we trust. We are playing well. He is tinkering a lot and he’s pushing the players to learn new stuff. We’ve got good build up play but we’re not getting the results right now.  It’s just the finishing, in the draws against Middlesbrough and the other games. And our defence can be shite. But still, Pep’s the one.


Pep dropping the beat.

What do you reckon his music taste is like? It must be something left-field and edgy?

Maybe Pep’s into Neo-Classical, like Nils Frahm or A Winged Victory.  Or maybe he’s just full on into Techno.  An ‘Evening with Pep’, just going through his collection, that would be fun.


 Yeah just Pep, in his turtleneck, sat by the fire and sifting through the record collection.


So what are your predictions for City’s season then?

I think we’ll get to the semis of the Champions league and we’ll make top four. I think Pep will need a year. Next year though we’ll be tricky to deal with. Then we’ll win the league…and the Champions league…

We will see. Your own prediction – what’s next for Two Legs?

I have lots of demos that I’m working on. There’s going to be lots of new music coming out. But mainly lots of gigs. I’m playing in Manchester, Bristol and London and just developing the live set. There’s even a trumpet player…

I’ll be happy so long as I can keep making things bigger and better.


23.12.2016 // Two Legs’ Eve of Christmas Eve Party @ One Bar Lounge, Manchester

30.12.2016 // Pax & the Scarlet Field EP Launch @ The Castle Hotel, Manchester

06.01.2017 // After Party @ New Cross Inn, London




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