We are students of the game.

A team of football obsessed students and graduates, always playing, watching or talking about football.

Our writers:

Jamie Hamill:

Testing out the Nike Magistas

Adventurous right-back, overly fond of the sensuously titled under-lapping run, and a theory-head. A firm exponent of 4-2-3-1 at all times. Prone to screaming the words “Overload” and “Channels” when playing. 

Jesse Roberts:


Rugby player, scuba diver and chilli-plant grower. Purveyor of reckless challenges, wayward crosses and a decent long-throw. Tactical knowledge limited to some very successful Football Manager careers. Cooks a great curry.

Guy Watts:

Watts is refreshingly laid back for a man in a position of such authority as manager of Escaped Swans FC. He’s a friend first, blogger second. Probably footballer third. Ask him to name three geniuses and he wouldn’t say Pele, Maradona, you know. He’d say Hamill, Winter, McIlvanney…Sessions


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